About Palmer’s

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About Palmer’s

The History of Palmer’s 

The Palmer’s brand is a trusted household name used by families for generations. Infact it has been around for nearly two centuries and proudly celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2020. It is one of America’s oldest and longest standing skin and hair care companies and has been a leader in treatment-oriented beauty products. Today, Palmer’s has become a global brand selling in more than 100 countries worldwide, all thanks to its commitment to quality and use of natural, raw ingredients in its range of products.

The Ingredients used

Constant research to improve the formulas ensure we at Palmer’s use the finest natural ingredients out there to help with skin and hair issues for all body types. Delivering products that are naturally inspired and luxurious at the same time, with unique scents and textures, is the driving focus at Palmer’s, enabling women with different skin and hair types to enhance their natural beauty.

At Palmer's, we believe natural is beautiful. That is why we continually strive to use natural, raw ingredients in our products across all of our ranges. We are committed to delivering high quality, high performing products while choosing fair trade and organically certified ingredients whenever possible.

Proud supporters of Sustainability

We are members of organisations that support and empower farmers and communities to create healthy, sustainable production from farm to bottle and organisations that promote industry sustainability and safeguard ecosystems. The six non-profit organisations we are members of include World Cocoa Foundation, Global Shea Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and Ethically & Sustainably Sourced & Fair Trade Ingredients.