Are you using the right brush for your hair?

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Are you using the right brush for your hair?

As we do our makeup, we know that our brushes are critical to how perfect the look we're trying to achieve will be. Well, the same rule applies to our hair. We often tend to think that our straighteners and hair wands are all that we need, but where will we be without hair brushes?

Are you using the right brush

It may sound like an unnecessary task, but finding the right hairbrush for your hair type could be critical to the hairstyle you're trying to achieve, not only that, the right brush can be the biggest favor you will ever do to your hair. The perfect brush for your hair type will cause your hairless breakage, keep your hair tamed, and achieve the look you want without relying heavily on straighteners and wands. As simple as it may look, finding the best brush for your hair type isn't easy, there are so many to choose from! Here's a quick guide on some popularly used hair brushes:

Vent Brush
Hair type: All
Best for Quick blow-drying

This brush is made to detangle wet hair while it's being air-dried easily. The hair is most delicate when it's wet. Therefore, the comfort-tip bristles on this brush will gently go through your knots while blow-drying your hair.

Wide Tooth Comb
Hair type: All
Best for Detangling wet hair

As wet hair is most prone to breakage, this is the best tool to brush it. The wide-tooth comb is excellent for safely combing out tangles.

Detangling Hair Brush
Hair type: All
Best for Detangling wet and fine dry hair

Wetness makes the hair delicate and prone to breakage. However, this brush is designed explicitly with wide-tooth plastic bristles that can undo hair knots easily and painlessly. They also add additional volume to dry, fine hair.

The Boar Paddle Brush 
Hair type: Fine to medium, long
Best for: An ultra-smooth and sleek blowout

This brush is excellent for people with long hair who wrap-dry their hair. Wrap drying is when you blow-dry the hair close to the scalp, instead of lifting and pulling it away from the head. The result is exceptionally smooth hair. However, the boar-bristles are best for medium to thin strands, as only nylon bristles can go through thick hair.