Curly Hair

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Curly Hair

As stunning as curly hair is, it could prove to be hard to maintain and style. As curly hair is fragile and must be handled with care, your goal is to find the best ways to protect it and style it in its natural state so that your curls will always look beautiful and healthy. This article is about how to get your curls to behave:

curley hair

1. Use Your Fingers Or A Wide-tooth Comb To Detangle Your Hair
Using a brush will put your hair at risk of breaking, and it won't help you preserve your curls.

2. Comb Your Hair From The Bottom Up 
Starting from the ends of your curls will let you detangle all the knots.

3. Trim It Regularly 
Split ends will make your curls frizzy, not to mention they never look good. A quick trim every two months will keep your curls bouncy and healthy.

4. Use The "Pineapple Trick" To Define Your Curls Overnight 
The Pineapple Trick is simply when you loosely gather your hair at the highest point of your head before you sleep. This technique protects the curl pattern while helping your hair keep its natural volume.

5. Apply Coconut Oil
Coconut oil might just become your hair's best friend. This miracle worker can be applied as a deep conditioner, or, if you have very dry hair, you can use it to add more shine.

6. Don't Touch Your Hair
When in doubt don't touch your hair! not only will this disturb your curl pattern but it can also make your hair completely frizzy.

7. Sleep On A Satin Pillowcase
The smooth material of the satin pillowcase will keep your hair less tangled and will give your curls room to breathe. This is another smart way to keep your hair frizz-free.

8. Don't Wash Your Hair Too Often 
If you wash your hair every time you take a shower, that will strip your curls from much-needed moisture, instead, opt to wash your hair once or twice a week using shampoo, and using conditioner for the remaining days.

9. Cocktail Products
Product cocktailing is merely mixing two or more products to meet your hair's needs. This is a great way to customize your hair care regimen to your specific needs.

10. Try A Defuser 
A defuser is a blow dryer attachment that minimizes frizz that comes when curly hair is naturally air-dried. It can also even out your curl pattern and add more volume to your curls.