Diaper rash

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Diaper rash

Parenting is like reading a new book; you don't know what's going to happen as you go chapter after chapter, but you will figure it out along the way. So as a beautiful journey as it is to go through, the challenges that appear can prove to be a little difficult to deal with, but lucky for you; you can learn a few tricks to avoid these challenges in the first place. One of those challenges that will face you sooner or later is diaper rash.

Diaper rash

Diaper rash is a common condition of inflamed skin (Dermatitis) in infants that appears as a patchwork of bright red skin on your little one's bottom.

Diaper rash is often related to wet or infrequently changed diapers. It's very uncomfortable for children and alarming for parents; however, with a few home solutions like air drying, frequent diaper change, and diaper rash creams, you can kiss this annoying condition goodbye.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Diaper Rash:

The unique blend of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamins A, D, and Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), will help you heal and prevent the diaper rash while providing a protective moisture-proof barrier that will keep the wetness away from your little one's bottom. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bottom Butter with zinc oxide:

The added 10% of zinc oxide will double the protection the original bottom butter provides, while help treating the diaper rash.

These products are specially designed for the baby’s sensitive skin. They are all hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free and dermatologist Tested, which makes them safe for your baby.