How to grow long, healthy hair with Palmer’s

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How to grow long, healthy hair with Palmer’s

Is your hair prone to breakage and brittleness? Are you struggling to maintain the length of hair? The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention system with Biotin range is specially designed to save your fragile hair and achieve optimal hair length. With its powerhouse natural protectants, this  Biotin hair care range nourishes brittleness, helps protect against breakages and split ends, and improves shine and manageability.

biotin length retention

Palmer’s Length Retention with Biotin Shampoo

This gentle, creamy, silicone-free shampoo helps lift away oil, dirt and build up without stripping moisture or tangling the hair. The nourishing properties of cocoa butter help maintain the moisture balance. Biotin helps reduce hair fragileness, brittleness, breakage and split ends.

Palmer’s Length Retention with Biotin Conditioner

A rich and hydrating conditioner that effortlessly wraps the hair shaft, creating a protective shield to deeply strengthen, hydrate and instantly detangle.

Palmer’s Length Retention with Biotin Hair Mask

An intense strengthening treatment that nourishes brittleness and helps repair split ends. Cocoa butter nourishes each hair strand, Vitamin E helps restore hair shine and Biotin helps achieve optimal length by optimising the natural hair growth cycle.

Mistakes that prevent hair growth

Apart from using the right products for hair growth, it is also important to have the right hair wash routine. These are:

1.Avoid washing your hair every day. Even the gentlest shampoo is designed to strip hair of its natural oils, so washing every day can leave hair feeling dry and more prone to damage.

2.Lower the water temperature when washing your hair and avoid taking long showers. Using water that’s too hot can dry out your hair and scalp.

3.Ensure you apply a generous amount of hair conditioner after shampooing and weekly nourishing hair masks. This will moisturize the hair and therefore avoid any dryness and breakage.