Most asked pregnancy skincare questions answered!

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Most asked pregnancy skincare questions answered!

Whether you are going to be a first-time mom, or have experienced pregnancy before, this milestone moment comes with a different set of challenges every time. As no pregnancy is the same, there are some frequently asked pregnancy-related skincare questions that we would like to help you out with.

When should I start using stretch mark products?

For best results and lasting effects, the best time to start using stretch marks products is from the moment you find out you are pregnant. Since stretch marks occur because the skin has to stretch to accommodate the growing baby in a short amount of time, allowing the ingredients to get to work immediately will help minimize stretch marks from appearing in the first place.

What should a good stretch Mark product include?

Ingredients of a good stretch mark product should inhibit the work of the hormone, Glucocorticoid which is responsible for elastin breakdown and reduced collagen production that leads to stretch marks. The Stretch Mark Formula range of products from Palmer’s includes a blend of ingredients to do just that and also improve the skin’s natural elasticity and increase moisture retention and suppleness.

Are there any skincare products I can’t use during my pregnancy?

It is best to use products that are gentle on the skin and naturally derived. It is important to remember to eliminate the use of retinol, BHA/AHA products and acne medications during pregnancy. They can be harmful to the growing baby.

Is it normal to get acne during pregnancy?

Due to the hormonal changes going on in your body during pregnancy, especially higher than normal levels of androgen, getting hormonal acne is quite common. While this may be temporary, you need to ensure you have a good skincare routine to avoid any permanent skin damage, such as acne scars.

How should I deal with hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the result of increased hormonal activity during pregnancy. The pigmentation is not permanent and usually fades over several months after giving birth. The best way to avoid it though is to use a good sunscreen lotion, and physically protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat or fully covered clothes.