Palmer’s Jars

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Palmer’s Jars

It doesn't matter how simple or elaborate the hairstyle you want might be. If you don't know your hair and its needs, the results will differ from your expectations. Ask yourself what kind of hair texture do you have, and what you want your hair to look like. Afterward, you will only need one or two products to help you get that look. Palmer's has made styling easy with its range of hair jars that fulfils thehair's needs.

Palmer's jars

1. Palmer's Hair Food Formula

This product is designed to soften and condition dry hair and scalp, with its unique blend of essential oils, Vitamins A, D, and E, plus protein, the result is added sheen to dull, lifeless hair.

2. Palmer's Hair Food Formula Light Cream

This is the lighter version of Hair Food Formula original jar. With its PoliPlant Herbal Blend, this vitamin-enriched jar nourishes and moisturizes the hair, fights dandruff, controls oil, and gives incredible shine.

3. Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Hairdress

Let the natural power of Extra Virgin Olive oil do wonders to your hair. This product will condition your scalp for maximum growth potential; the Extra Virgin Olive Oil strengthens and softens the hair due to its full vitamin and mineral content.

4. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro Hairdress

Coconut oil is known for being a miracle worker; it acts as a natural barrier that protects the hair so it can grow long and healthy. This product is designed specifically for very curly or frizzy hair, as it is heavy for straight hair. It prevents breakage, controls frizz, and strengthens hair.

5. Palmer's Bergamot Formula 

This daily, lightweight conditioning hairdress soothes the scalp, gently moisturizes dry, damaged hair, and helps prevent breakage and split ends with its fantastic blend of Bergamot, Balsam and Vitamin E while leaving the hair soft, and easy to style.

6. Palmer's Pressing Oil Formula

This product is your guard against the damages of hair iron. it’s made of an incredible blend of natural oils and proteins. Leaves the hair soft and lustrous.