Ways To Use Cocoa Butter Solid Formula

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Ways To Use Cocoa Butter Solid Formula

Palmer's has been the #1 Cocoa Butter brand for generations. Trusted by families, it has provided a significant number of products that can be used by everyone. One of these amazing products is the solid Cocoa Butter Formula.

cocoa butter 101 uses

This star product is one of Palmer's original Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizers! Made of concentrated Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, it melts into the skin for 24-hour hydration. Also, it creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture to soften and heal all skin types. This original moisturizer has more than 101 uses, which makes it very handy to have around.
Here are a few of the ways you can use this product:

1. Daily Lip Balm
Apply a thin layer of the Solid Formula, and enjoy soft, plump lips all day long.

2. Soften Rough, Dry Elbow & Knees 
Apply a good layer of the solid formula to your elbow and knees, and enjoy the softness.

3. Seals-in Paper Cuts
Just add a little bit of the Solid Formula to the paper cut for instant relief.

4. Protects The Skin From Wind Burn 
The Solid Formula works as a barrier between your skin and environmental elements.

5. Smoothes Cracked Heels 
This product works as an overnight treatment for dry cracked heels.

7. Apply On Teeth To Stop Lipstick From Getting On Them

8. Substitute For Shaving Cream
The Solid Formula will help keep your skin moisturized while you shave, which in turn will help reduce the appearance of razor bumps and scars.

9. Smoothes Fly-aways
Take a little amount of the solid formula in your hand and smooth it all over your hair for smoother, more tamed strands.

10. Use as a perfume/ body scent 
Along with keeping your skin soft and moisturized, this product could work as a perfume as it has a natural Cocoa Butter scent that will keep you smelling delicious.