Why the Skin Success creams are indeed successful

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Why the Skin Success creams are indeed successful

What is hyperpigmentation?

All of us have melanin, the natural pigment that gives our skin its colour. However, due to skin trauma, ageing, hormonal changes, and especially exposure to the sun, discolouration or pigmentation of the skin occurs. This is known as hyperpigmentation and it’s where the skin starts to produce more melanin, resulting in the appearance of darker spots or patches.

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Although makeup can help cover up these pigmented areas, it isn’t a permanent solution to hyperpigmentation. To rescue your skin from pigmented blemishes and scars and visibly reduce their appearance, the Palmer’s Skin Success range have developed the Anti-Dark spot Fade creams and body lotion.

Does Palmer’s Skin Success range truly work?

Based on a 200 person independent clinical study, 97% of women tested reported Palmer’s Fade Cream helped lighten dark spots, 91% reported it visibly improved discolouration, and 100% reported it improved skin clarity. These changes took place over the span of 8 weeks, with earliest results visibly showing up after just 2 weeks!

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What are the ingredients that make this range so successful?

It is the list of natural ingredients that truly makes this range so successful at helping return pigmented skin back to the same tone as the rest of the complexion. The unique anti-dark spot formula is infused with natural skin brighteners Vitamin C, Japanese Songyi Mushroom Extract, and anti-aging powerhouse Retinol to help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen.

The Songyi Mushroom Extract helps to boost skin radiance and brighten the complexion, the Niacinamide targets dark spots and discolouration, and Licorice helps reduce the appearance of discolouration and uneven pigmentation.

Also, important to note is that Palmer’s Anti-Dark Spot Formula does not contain Hydroquinone, and the unique formula of active ingredients has been proven to be highly effective in treating hyperpigmentation.

Is it for everyone?

The creams comes in Normal skin type, suitable for everyone, as well as Oily skin type, to control skin shine, leaving behind a matte finish. For the body, the Anti-Dark Spot Fade Milk Tone Correcting Body Lotion, is designed to improve unwanted dark spots, age spots, post-acne scars and uneven skin tone seen on the body.