Palmer’s Iconic Hair Jars

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Palmer’s Iconic Hair Jars

Palmer's has made an entire range of hair treatments to accommodate your hair's every need.

Palmer's Iconic Hair Jars

Palmer's Hair Food Formula

The name says it all; this product will provide your hair with everything it needs from essential oils that are vital for hair growth to proteins that will give your hair that extra boost of strength, it's also enhanced with vitamins: 

A: which acts as a lubricant and prevents the hair from drying out. 

E: enhances the hair's natural ability to repair the damage.

D: creates new follicles where new hair can grow.

Palmer's Pressing Oil Formula

This protective blend of natural oils and proteins acts as a lifeguard against the damaging effects of styling tools like straitening irons and hair dryers. It helps nurture the hair and protects it from breakage and thinning out, leaving your hair lush and soft.

Palmer's Bergamot Formula 

Say bye-bye to split ends with this product. This lightweight, daily conditioning hair dress is enriched with Bergamot, Balsam and vitamin E

Bergamot: soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair to allow it to grow faster, healthier, and shinier.

This product will make hair styling easy while preventing split ends.

Palmer's Hair Success Gro Treatment 

A water-resistant emulsion formula that works on strengthening the hair and making it grow longer with its revolutionary blend of vitamin E, olive oil, and soy protein.

Protects the hair shaft from humidity and other environmental factors which add to the damage. The olive oil works on keeping your scalp moisturized and your hair frizz-free.