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I love Palmer's!

- Angela

Iam dr abdulsalam altabib consultant plastic surgery .l often brescribe palmer products to my pt.. because i find good results .

- dr abdulsalam altabib

I love your product its very effective,its my 3rd week of using it I see the results, I hope my pimples and its scars totally gone.. I will try your other products too. Thanks.

- Rovely Tanhente

I love palmer's products since it is easy absorbed by skin and keeps it hydrated and soft for long time !! As the price also is so affordable !!!

- Malak mansour

Love that Palmer's products enrich my skin with moisture whilst smelling delicious too!

- Zeyna S.

استفدت كثيرا من منتجات بالمرز الرائعة

- zainab

An amazing products for all ages. Best during pregnancy. And i am using ur coconut conditioning shampoo .results are really affective. Will definitely tell evevryone to use Palmer's product.

- Tasnèem

I have used palmers for years and have had 10 children and not one stretch mark. I use it today that,s why I look as good as I do at.78. Love your product.

- karlene_scheel@yahoo.com

Your products are absolutely stunning. It disappeared my scars from cuts and wounds. Today my legs look better than i could imagine. Even though it has been years since i have used it , i have every reason to try it again. Fragrant, silky,buttery,smooth and a a tanned glowing look!!!!!

- Anitia Sam

I came to know about Palmers over a year , have tried many of their products from their selection from skin oil, body lotion, body wash, lip balm, I am very glad that they have never failed our expectation, and not just me even my entire family is a fan of Palmers Cocoa butter products :)

- hena jacob

I used Palmer's hand and body lotion 30 odd years ago, in college. Started using it once again, cause nothing would take the dryness of menopause away. Also trying the face oil. Skin feels real nice and soft. No more prune look after 3 weeks. Great job and not heavy on my pocket

- Farah Ahmad

My Overall Take: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion is a smooth, non-greasy moisturiser that gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. Since the lotion is light this can be applied even while going out unlike other thicker moisturisers. The fragrance is a very natural scent of cocoa that it is not very strong. Another wonderful feature of this product is that it is not tested on animals. So after using the product my cracked skin felt soft again. It is great product and overall I am very satisfied with this lotion. What I Liked: Fragrance – The scent of cocoa never gets boring. Palmer’s has the blended the right quantity of cocoa to achieve this utterly natural fragrance. I'll let you in on a secret – I overused this lotion just so I could smell delicious all day! Texture – There are lot of moisturisers in the market that claim to hydrate skin the best. But the major pain in using them is, they are very thick and will need a cleanser to wash it off each time. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is smooth and just gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. So I need not wait until bedtime to apply it and can use it even if I am stepping out. What Could Be Better: The product could be made available in trial packs like 10 ml sachets or small bottles of 50-100ml so that it could be travel-friendly. Review taken from Worldofmoms.com

- Subhasree R , Chennai