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I love Palmer's!

- Angela

Iam dr abdulsalam altabib consultant plastic surgery .l often brescribe palmer products to my pt.. because i find good results .

- dr abdulsalam altabib

I love your product its very effective,its my 3rd week of using it I see the results, I hope my pimples and its scars totally gone.. I will try your other products too. Thanks.

- Rovely Tanhente

I love palmer's products since it is easy absorbed by skin and keeps it hydrated and soft for long time !! As the price also is so affordable !!!

- Malak mansour

Love that Palmer's products enrich my skin with moisture whilst smelling delicious too!

- Zeyna S.

استفدت كثيرا من منتجات بالمرز الرائعة

- zainab

An amazing products for all ages. Best during pregnancy. And i am using ur coconut conditioning shampoo .results are really affective. Will definitely tell evevryone to use Palmer's product.

- Tasnèem

I have used palmers for years and have had 10 children and not one stretch mark. I use it today that,s why I look as good as I do at.78. Love your product.

- karlene_scheel@yahoo.com