Palmer's Journey to Ghana

Published : 12/18/2017 16:12:47

Our journey to Ghana

Palmer's journey to Ghana

In many cultures, regions and places around the world, December is the month of gifts, so we thought, what better way to give, than to give back to our very own source.

This December we went on a journey to Ghana, to visit the mothers that work on the cocoa plantations – the source of our sustainable cocoa butter formula.

Cocoa butter is a type of vegetable fat that has been extracted from cocoa beans. Not only is it a natural skin moisturizing agent, but it also promotes healthy skin from the inside, out. Oh, and did we mention that it smells absolutely wonderful too?

The hundreds of mothers that work on these plantations in Ghana are frequently required to continue working immediately after giving birth, so that they can continue to contribute financial aid to their families. To avoid long days without their newborns, they often use pieces of cloth to construct a make-shift baby carrier, giving them the ability to bring their baby with them onto the plantations. These make-shift harnesses often lead to back and chest pains and the pressure applied to the women’s breast can severely impact milk production. Due to these negative limitations, some babies raised in this region often suffer from malnutrition.

We at Palmers saw this as an opportunity to give back and help those that have helped us! During the past two years, we have purchased over 800 baby carriers from Happy Baby, an organization of local women in Uganda that sew baby carriers. We have sent all our purchased baby carriers over to the women working on the cocoa plantations in Ghana.

Happy Baby not only creates sustainable job opportunities for women in Uganda, but it also allows them to develop professional and entrepreneurial skills, that they would struggle to find elsewhere.

We at Palmers understand the importance of being side by side with your new born baby. These carriers not only improve the lives of the women in Ghana, but also allow them to carry their baby in a safe and secure manner, whilst preserving their status as a contributing member of the family and community.

The giving doesn’t stop there; we will also be giving the women of Ghana some of our products to try. After all, without them we wouldn’t be able to produce our much-loved Cocoa Butter Lotion.   

Thank you Ghana!

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